Acute Traumatic Injuries

4th Jul 2013

When you watch football or rugby and see a player’s knee severely twisted or dislocated then that is an acute injury. In an acute injury muscles and ligaments can be torn and bones maybe fractured. These injuries produce a great deal of pain and swelling and require immediate first aid.

Chronic Overuse Injuries

Have you ever heard someone say “I just run out the pain” this could be a stress fracture or arthritis developing; the result is more injury and sometimes gets worse. You need to listen to your body with overuse injuries. Chronic overuse injuries are best treated by reducing the activity that caused it, working on exercises to change old postural misalignment patterns and choosing alternative activities to remain fit.

The main concept and basic first aid for any injury where reducing inflammation is key is RICED;





Drugs.  Anti inflammatory and analgesics. Ibuprofen and aspirin if safe to do so. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist first; your doctor may want to prescribe you something stronger depending on the severity.

Treatment for your injury is paramount and will help you with the recovery process please call 01227 374373 and speak to Wayne for further details.