What Causes Injuries?

4th Jul 2013

The first step in managing injuries is to prevent them in the first place or lessen their severity. Here at Broomfield Osteopathic and Sports Injuries Clinic we will not only help you through your painful injury but also help you manage it thereafter.   

We will do this by looking at your gait pattern, head, neck and shoulder organisation and spinal function.  With this we can help you with an exercise programme to eliminate these faulty patterns.

Four factors can contribute to you and your injury


We do not like sudden change!! Overuse injuries occur when there is a sudden increase or change in training technique. Normally in the spring or summer when there is a dramatic increase in sport activity because of the good weather. Wimbledon for example.

Try not to increase your distance, participation frequency or duration by more than 10-15% per week to avoid injury. The human body is amazing and has a wonderful power to adapt if given time.


Means “arrangement in a straight line” but how can this be when are limbs are spiralling in development and are spines have curves in them. Better alignment improves the efficiency of your body, reducing the strain on both a physical and psychological level. Physical strain and exhaustion tend to dampen your mood and general outlook on life. We still have centres of gravity and those gravitational forces acting upon us. A change in the body’s alignment is always associated with adjustments in the joints and muscles. Its not about holding them in a fixed alignment either it’s about understanding how they work to create a balance in our muscles and joints that are strong yet fluid. Here at Broomfield Osteopathic and Sports Injuries clinic we will assess and work with you on your postural alignment. This is very close to my heart having developed faulty patterns from physical activity in the forces. Stood to attention for long periods, rigid with chest out and tummy tight!! A forward flexed spine position and wider gait pattern to propel me forwards with a heavy pack on my back, also to prevent me toppling backwards. All these have an effect on how my hips knees and ankles function. Along with the additional pressure on the lumbar spine and reduced mobility of the rib cage. I have had to take a good look at how I function too!!


Having good musculature and control of the abdomen and back are essential for all spiral and side bending movements. If not then many injuries can occur in volley ball, basket ball, gymnastics and dance.


The more you drive your car the faster you want to drive it, the more likely you will have an accident. The faster you run, cycle or swim the more stress you are putting on your muscular skeletal system and the more opportunity you have for injury. An athlete after inactivity comes back into training and increases the amount of activity (CHANGE) doesn’t have good postural (ALIGNMENT) (TWISTS) and increases there (SPEED) is very susceptible to injuries.

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