Helping you and you’re spine function better for life

4th Jul 2013

Wayne Roberts was a very keen sportsman at school. He represented his school at rugby, football and cross country. At school sports days he would regularly win the 1500 and 800 metre events. In his final year he was sports captain. With the lady sports captain they helped to take the team to win the sports day event. Outside of school he played ice hockey for the local junior team.

In 1988 Wayne joined the army and was soon involved in sports events and march and shoot competitions. He then qualified to work as a fitness trainer in the army helping with regimental fitness programmes. During his time in the army he competed in various triathlons and as a team ran and cycled the 3 peaks challenge for a local disabled children’s charity. (Ben Nevis, Scarfell Pike and
Snowdon) With a team of runners and cyclists.

In 1995 he qualified as a personal trainer and sports therapist. Wayne left the army and travelled the world training and treating people on board luxurious cruise ships. He was employed on the QE2 for two world cruises as gymnasium manager and was also sports director on board the 6 star crystal symphony
where he ran the annual Olympic games for her passengers. Wayne also trained for and completed the iron man challenge of a gruelling 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run in 11 hours, 26 minutes and 32 seconds on board ship!!!! In the ships pool, on a stationary bike and a treadmill!!!!!

In 1999 he left the cruise ships and got called out to Bosnia during the Kosova conflict where he ran the regiment’s fitness programme and looked after any muscular injuries. During his time in Bosnia he trained to run the Marathon-des-able, 140 mile across the Sahara. Wayne left Bosnia in December 1999
and ran the race in April 2000.

It was in 2000 that he began his teaching qualifications and training to be an osteopath. During his 5 year degree he was also teaching sports injuries, anatomy and physiology and taught sports to adults with learning and developmental disabilities to help pay for the course.

In 2005 Wayne qualified as an osteopath and opened Broomfield osteopathic and sports injuries clinic in 2007. Wayne has built his client base from nothing based on honesty, professionalism and good education. He continues to keep developing the practice and has recently brought in and educated himself in Pilates reformer and trapeze equipment from the United States to help you improve you’re
core control and spinal flexibility once you have recovered from injury.

Wayne understands how frustrating it is to be injured and be in pain having suffered many injuries from his sporting events of the past. He still continues to train towards his black belt in kung fu and in the past two years has cycled London to Paris and completed 3 peaks challenge. (I only walked 3 peaks this time though!!)

Wayne believes that a lot of his own injuries of the past are a result of his own faulty postural alignments carrying heavy kit in the army posture. He continues to work on his own posture, core stability and spinal flexibility as well as looking after yours.