New Developments for Broomfield Osteopathic Clinic

3rd Jul 2013

As everyone slips back into the routine of life after the summer months I wanted to share with you my exciting new developments for Broomfield Osteopathic clinic.

I am always trying to help you all maintain your bodies and ease your aches and pains and everyone knows that as we get older we need to work a little bit harder to keep ourselves fit and healthy.  With this is mind I have taken on a new challenge to expand my services for you and engage in positive well being.

I am currently attending a course learning about the Pilates Reformer Exercise Machine.  Not the usual mat Pilates that many of you are aware of but using equipment  specially to provide finely tuned exercise resistance that allows you to work very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility. 

My plan is to introduce this equipment early next year into the practice and teach you in small groups or one to one how to build up your core and rehabilitate your injuries.  Not only will this mean less time on my table but obviously less pain, less time off work, less drugs for pain relieve and therefore leaving you much more time to enjoy your life to the full.  Young and old can benefit from these exercises and with my extensive knowledge of the body I will be able to guide you personally on your journey to fitness.

Also I am now working in West Sussex on a half day a week basis along side already established Reformer converts and the experience I gain there will be transferred to Herne Bay. 

This is a very exciting time for me and Broomfield osteopathic clinic and I hope that in the coming years we will see all of you standing taller, looking fitter and feeling fabulous.

Services offered are; osteopathy, electrotherapy, massage, reflexology, fitness testing and personal training. We also have a wide range of aloe vera products to help you stay healthy on the inside too.

Helping you and your spine function better for life.

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